The One To One PREMIUM Package

(Prices start from £700)

Soraya understands the struggles when you are trying to find your spouse in a halal way.  She works with you by offering one to one support, and then designs an action plan to work with you. It’s nothing scary its fun baby steps to reach your ideal goal but yes you have to be committed. Soraya encourages you to step out of your comfort zone but that how we grow right? She encourages you to be open minded to enjoy different experiences. - Sana, London.

If only it were as easy as meet, connect marry, you know, the way everyone else seems to do it. But in this day and age of swiping, ghosting and gaslighting it seems harder than ever to meet the right guy. Here's the thing, there are so many single guys out there and so many ways to meet them but in order to get it to the marriage stage the journey needs to begin with you.

That means ensuring that you have dealt with past pain, overcome your limiting negative beliefs, gained clarity on your needs and spotted your self-sabotage triggers. Add to that the confidence to put yourself out there, get chatting and get connecting it's no wonder the whole thing can feel like rocket science! But honestly sister, once you start making the changes, taking the steps you will see and feel the results very quickly!

The one to one premium package gives you access to not only my signature programme but also my personal guidance and support on your situation via one to one intensive coaching sessions with me.

If your’re ready to take real actionable steps towards making marriage happen then click the link below to book a free 20-minute session with me to see how we can get the ball rolling on this marriage party!