Find Your Ideal Solution

From mini courses to self study programmes to a premium 1:1 package. You are sure to find something to solve your most pressing of problems when searching for your Muslim Mr. Right!


The Instant Results Starter Pack

New to Single Muslima Solutions? This mini course packageis the perfect place to start. The gift pack includes:

- Marriage Networking 101 - showing you 10 key ways to open up the path to meeting the right guy

- The Genuine Guy Jackpot Course - your complete guide to getting online and navigating the online jungle successfully

- Meet Match Marry Now - your Muslima dating 101 showing you how to use just 3 DATES to get from single to engaged!

- BONUS - £50 gift voucher towards a VIP Marriage Mastermind Session 

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Confidence To Meet & Marry

The confidence to get out there and feel good about yourself without the looming feeling of inadequacy.

Feeling weighed down by limiting beliefs? Afraid to put yourself out there and make that connection? Been hurt so many times your self-esteem is shredded to pieces?

This self study kit is your one stop confidence caffeine boost. 


Your 1:1 Premium Coaching Solution

The intensive 1:1 programme designed to amp up your confidence and turbo speed you towards your marriage goal with your own personal coach by your side.