If you'd rather take things at your own pace and in your own time then check out the self-study courses below and take away some of my juiciest tools and tips that you can implement immediately to start seeing better results!

The Instant Results Starter Pack

"..just watched module one of the course. Just what I've been looking for, a step by step process!" - Simra, London.

It's exactly what Simra said, a step by step practical guide to meeting, connecting and moving to the next level with the guys you meet. The problem is no one ever taught us the practical stuff because no one ever did it before (well only secretly!). This mini course covers everything from where to meet guys (that doesn't involve awkward "marriage talk") to how to get better results online (not just married guys and the elderly!) and how to effectively do "Decision Dating" so that you get to marriage quicker instead of months of meeting with no direction or purpose (after which he usually just vanishes!). Click the button below to find out more....

Confidence To Meet & Marry


"The modules really take you through your thinking process and help you change to become more confident" - Jamila, Newcastle.

Confidence can be a real make of break factor when meeting and marrying the one. I don't mean that sassy, brash, in your face kind of confidence. I mean that inner sense of security it takes to open up, put yourself out there, take risks and be vulnerable: all vital ingredients of making an effective connection that leads to a beautiful marriage. This course helps you get to grips with your confidence crushers, your self-esteem saboteurs and and those nagging negative beliefs that are currently stopping you from moving forward. Click below to find out more....