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I've been where you are right now sister!

There I was, Soraya Soobhany: 30 something, independent, homeowner, great at my job, fantastic circle of friends, varied and adventurous social calendar but, despite my best efforts,  so hopelessly unmarried!

 I can honestly say that in my 14 years of searching I went on over 100 first dates and met guys of all shapes, sizes and location. I joined so many matrimonial sites that they even used my face on their advertising! (No joke!)

Even now I get notifications from sites I’d forgotten I’d joined years ago! I tried so many other avenues too. I went to mingling events, family setups and awkward dinner parties where friends had invited a single bloke just for me.

I faced the prejudice and the endless rejection, I struggled trying to balance my beliefs and principles in my choice of man and I battled to juggle work, family and personal commitments in addition to my search for a husband.

Finding a spouse felt like an arduous second job as I dragged myself out on weekends and Friday nights when all I wanted to do was stay at home in my PJs and watch boxsets.

For a long time, I believed marriage and happiness to be out of reach. I pictured myself living alone forever or marrying someone who wasn’t right for me just for the sake of getting married. Both options filled me with dread.

By day I’d distract myself with my work and everything else I had to do but at night I’d lie awake, stomach churning, tearful, wondering whether it would ever happen for me and what I was doing so wrong. Sometimes it would all be going so well then I’d find myself back to square one again. Why? Was it my personality, my looks or was it something I said? Were those cruel taunts of being “too picky” in fact true?

No they weren’t.

Because I found him!

It turns out it wasn't rocket science or some weird secret that everyone else but me knew!

The problem was that there was no guidance for "inbetweeners" like me: I didn't want to go down the traditional route but nor did I believe in western style relationships. I wanted something in between: a solution!

And I found it! I found a way to successfully locate, meet and marry the right man for me without sacrificing everything I love and moving to another planet!

The result? 

The marriage AND wedding I had always wanted!

Within the space of 7 months I met and married the most amazing man I could ever have been blessed with: my best friend, my soulmate, my companion, the man who has made me laugh every day since we met! The man I knew instinctively I’d been holding out for all this time.

So hit the button below now to discover how you can find the solutions to the obstacles that are keeping you from your happy ever after and beyond...