7 Steps Smarter To Marriage!

The Ready, Set , Get Married Coaching Programme is a 1:1 coaching experience that is delivered over 12 sessions and  covers 7 key areas to finding marriage and giving you everything you need to reset your game, refresh your mindset and get out there and meet that guy already. The RIGHT way!

Why This Progamme?..

First of all you need to know that this is the only coaching programme specifically tailored for single Muslim women over 30 delivered by someone who has been in your place,understands the issues you face and knows how to help you.

You see, I understand that looking for love after 30 is a totally different ball game to doing it in your 20s and that is one of the key reasons you are struggling. You're going about it like a 20 year old!

I know it sounds bizarre and maybe even a little insulting but trust me it's not! Put it this way, you wouldn't cut off your leg to fit into a smaller pair of jeans right? You'd find jeans that fit. So why torture yourself trying to fit a mould that you have outgrown? You need to search as a woman of life experience, wisdom and success. Which you are!

Working together we are going to bring you closer to marriage in the following 7 ways:

·      Back To Square Me 

You are going to reconnect with yourself ( the real you  that has become lost amidst the daily drudge of work, family commitments and the expectations thrown at your from all corners of society) so that you can be truly honest bout what your needs are in a marriage

Me In The Moment

Establish who you are now, not who you were when you first started looking or first got married so you can search knowing exactly what you have to offer and are willing to receive

Operation Destroy Obstacles! 

Annihilate and destroy your blockers . Kick to the kerb  the baggage and beliefs you have been holding onto like a sack of rocks as you struggle to swim and free yourself to search for a guy in a completely refreshing, new and positive way.

Practically Perfect 

Take a practical look at your current life, your needs and your wants so that you will finally have permission to be as open, honest and  unabashed as you want  about what areas of your life are non negotiable to give up.

Get The Guy 

Create your man-meeting plan, sharpen your skills and up your game to make you attract and be drawn to the right guys for you! (not your family or friends)

Seal The Deal 

Become  super clear about  your yes and no factors so that you will stop being driven by fear and panic and be led instead by confidence and knowledge

My Game Plan 

Put together your game plan bringing together  everything you have learnt and developed so that you can go out into the world of  singles refreshed and confident with a clear plan of action to get you married!

The sooner you get started on the programme, the sooner you will feel the benefits!

If you are committed to change, growth and investment in yourself  the results will be phenomenal. 

(*This programme will not work if you are stuck in negativity, harbour a  victim mentality and refuse to accept the need for change)

I understand that looking for love after 30 is a different ball game to doing it in your 20s.

I know that it takes more courage and involves more risk but that the benefits are more rewarding.

It wasn’t so long since  I was in the same position as you and I wondered whether I’d ever be able to turn my situation around.  But I did and you can too.

We are ready to work together if:

  • you are 100% committed to making a change
  • you are ready to make a real investment in yourself and your needs
  • you are open to trying new things and adopting new mindsets
  • you can commit to 15 sessions  of high level coaching
  • you are ready to see and feel a transformation.

So let’s see what this investment in yourself will include:

  • 12 x 60-minute focussed, high level coaching sessions  
  • A free (worth £97) follow up coaching sessions after the 3 month programme has ended so we can make sure you are ready for what lies ahead
  • 24/7 personal email access to me  to support you through tough times, answer your questions and give you any advice you may need 
  • Bespoke resources to get you working through your programme  and creating your own personal success.
  • Immediate access to the programme as soon as you sign up.
  • FREE access to the "Meet Match Marry NOW" & "The Genuine Guy Jackpot" mini courses.

The sooner you get started on the programme, the sooner you will feel the benefits!

If you are willing to put in the time and be open to trying things a different way, the results will be phenomenal. This programme  is about creating a transformation in yourself to allow you to attract and meet the right man for you.

You will approach your search in whole new way that is unique, purposeful and enjoyable. As a result you will start to meet the good guys, you will feel good about yourself, you will rid yourself of negative blockers and feel confident and empowered to make that all important decision.

I hope by now you are pumped and excited about the journey you are potentially about to take! I know I am! 

Please note this is an exclusive and high end, bespoke service. I typically work with 5 - 6 clients at a time and I’d love for you to be one of them. Places on the programme go quickly and I’d hate for you miss out on an opportunity to start changing your life today.

Your dream relationship could be just a call away. Let’s chat and discover how we can work together to help you individually.

Three  years ago I took the very same step and it took me on an amazing journey that led me to my soulmate and I can't wait for you to experience the same journey…

The only regret you should have from this day on is that you didn't do this sooner!