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THE halal dating coach for single Muslim women

I give the single Muslim woman over 30 the confidence, hope and skills to get married without compromising her values or settling for less than she deserves! I did it, so can you!

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Hey sister, How's your marriage search going? Let me guess....Not great right? I mean how many more times does it have to go wrong before it can finally go right? I'm guessing you've spent a few sleepless nights wondering why everyone else seems to be getting married but you, why all the guys you seem to meet are timewasters or perverts and whether or not it is EVER going to happen for you am I right? And by day you've got to put up with the judgement, the criticism, comments on your age (and the old biological clock!)  and feeling totally isolated and alone in what you are going through  because no one really gets it! You're fed up of going on coffee dates that lead nowhere, being set up with any old guy because your community thinks you shouldn't be picky and trawling through online matrimonial sites reading 100 identical profiles written by guys who "love travelling" and "work in finance". Will it never end???!!...

That's where I come in! I went through it all, the ups, downs and in betweens and actually got married, after 30 to a guy who was perfect for me without having to "settle", compromise my needs or marry a guy I wasn't attracted to just out of panic! If you want to find out more about my story you can read it all here but right now I want to talk about YOU! What next?

First...relax! You're in safe hands! I've got your back...

Next.....Let's start solving some of the problems you are facing straight away beginning with how to tell if this guy is THE guy or just someone you may be settling for. Click here for your free guide.

Thirdly, if you’re in any doubt as to whether this will work for you, check out the success stories gallery and read how ladies just like you have made that leap from eternally single to happily married with just a few mindset shifts and tweaks!

I’ve been there sister, I know what you’re going through and trust me it's going to be fine.....  

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