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Tell me if this sounds familiar..

  • You're  emotionally exhausted from the hurt, pain and disappointment of trying to find the man for you.
  • You're fed up of being labelled “picky” because you are a single, female Muslim ofa certain age.
  • You're anxious that you may eventually “settle” instead of finding your true soulmate.
  • You're constantly scratching your head wondering why it's so easy for everyone else but so hard for you.
  • You're wondering whether there is any guy out there who is actually serious about getting married.


I know, I’ve been there!

And I have solutions for all those problems you experience alone, that no one else will ever understand!

 I am here to show you that finding a spouse does not have to be an overwhelming,  lonely & miserable  process.

The man you desire, your true companion, your best friend, the one who understands you as a unique individual, is out there and I am going to help you find him!

In the meantime why not join the VIP Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded women and take advantage of FREE video masterclasses that are going to get your from "when will it happen to me?"" to "I'm engaged!" quicker than some guys can text the word boobs!

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Why me?

Discover how my own journey to marriage has made me  committed to supporting you in yours!

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What's Your Solution?

From one to one to self study. Choose the solution that will get you to your wedding destination quicker!


Need A Quick Fix?

Find places to access quick solutions to some of your most pressing issues from coffee dates to dealing with rejection.